Batch & Bodega / Rose City Tonic Concentrate (12 Oz)

Rose City Tonic Concentrate (12 Oz)

$13.32 (g)

This non-traditional tonic combines the floral rose notes synonymous with it’s home city and the traditional flavor that comes from pure Quinine and Cinchona bark. One of the few tonic concentrates that utilizes true Quinine in the recipe. This authentically-brewed whole-ingredient tonic, made with genuine cinchona bark, features a delicate floral layer that supports but does not compete with the spice roster of a classic gin. Cinchona, the bittering bark from which tonics get their quinine, delivers a complex, gently astringent tonic ?bite.? This makes the driest gin and tonic you’ll find ? simply stir it with a bit of sparkling water prior to building your drink.

MOQ: 6 Units
Case Price: $79.91 (g)
Item #: BBPSW006

+ - Product Details

Product Details

Item Size: 12 fl oz
Case Pack: 6
Made By: Portland Soda Works

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Shipping Details

Shipping Dimensions: 10″ x 7″ x 7″
Shipping Weight: 10 lbs
FOB: 55 NE Farragut St. #8 Portland, OR 97211
Shipping Time: Orders at MOQ ship within 2 days of receipt

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Water, Cinchona Bark, Dried Rose Petals, Organic Cane Sugar, Citric Acid, Quinine Hydrochloride.

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Allergen Information