Batch & Bodega / Jumpstart Latin American Blend 12 oz Whole Bean Coffee

Jumpstart Latin American Blend 12 oz Whole Bean Coffee

$11.75 (g)

A versatile blend of Latin American coffees with a rich, decadent flavor profile, Jumpstart is full-bodied, with caramel sweetness and notes of Jordan almond and poached pear. Presents beautifully as both an espresso and filter coffee.

Sustainable Goodness: Partners was founded to support farmers in developing their communities, and they reuse coffee bags to make their packaging zero-waste. They are committed to reusing and/or recycling all waste associated with the production, manufacturing, and sale of their coffee, including packaging. They also limit single-use products from their supply chain wherever they can.

Responsible Sourcing: By working with the same producers every year (and spending three months visiting them all in-person), Partners provides security to farmers and their communities. As a direct result of Partners’ support, coffee farmers in Honduras and Ethiopia were able to improve their local school systems.

MOQ: 12 Units
Case Price: $70.47 (g)
Item #: BBPC05