Makers to Love

Makers to Love

At Batch & Bodega we’re proud to support a diverse group of maker partners that raise the bar on generosity, sustainability, and community involvement. Read on to learn more about how they’re contributing to a better (and tastier!) world for all of us.

Community Contribution/Giveback

A percentage of our profits will be donated to The Usher Syndrome Coalition to grow awareness and further important research. Chef Anne’s daughter has Usher Syndrome.

Big Spoon Roaster’s sustainability promise means using every last drop of nut butter they create. Made with small amounts of surplus nut butter from the end of each batch run, their Community Blend combines harmonious recipes into new, delicious blends that they jar, label, and donate to local 501 C-3 charities and hunger relief organizations like Durham Urban Ministries, TROSA, Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina, YMCA, and Durham Free Lunch, among others.

Since 2016, Coop’s has partnered with Project Place, a Boston non-profit that offers job training for disadvantaged women.

Mustard + Co.’s founding company is Locivore which builds and promotes thoughtful, unadulterated, local food chains. Locivore also supports FARESTART which is helping to feed communities in need during COVID-19.

Women-Owned Businesses

Banner Road Baking Company

Founder: Anne Croy

Available in: Rise & Shine

Big Heart Tea Co.

Founder: Lisa Govro

Available in: Tea TimeRise & Shine

Big Spoon Roasters

Founders: Megan & Mark Overbay

Available in: Sweet & Smooth, Rise & Shine

Callie's Hot Little Biscuit

Founder: Carrie Morey

Available in: Wake & Bake

Fusion Jerky

Founder: KaiYen Mai

Available in: Road Trip, Snack Attack

Giddy Up Nuts

Founder: Kristy Mangia

Grey Ghost Bakery

Founder: Katherine Frankstone

Hayden Flour Mills

Founders: Jeff & Emma Zimmerman

Available in: Rise & Shine

Legally Addictive

Founder: Laura Schafferman

Oswald Co.

Founder: Anna Peck

Available in: Sweet & Smooth


Founders: Ali & Kevin Cohane

Available in: Cookies & Crumbs, Tea Time

Poppy Popcorn

Founder: Ginger Frank


Founders: Eric & Laura Sorkin

Available in: Rise & Shine

The Konery

Founder: Kristine Tonkonow

Available in: Scoops & Sprinkles, Yay You


Founders: Nathan & Jenn Clark

Available in: Yay You

Yep! Sauce

Founders: Chris ``Wishbone`` Walker & Molly Cashman

Available in: Slow & Low

Sustainable Food/Packaging

Big Heart Tea features plastic-free, non-toxic compostable tea bags and packaging.

Hayden Flour Mills prides themselves on never bleaching or enriching their grains. Their flour is simply stone-milled: an old-world process that allows the flavor and personality of the wheat to shine through. Customers who had sworn off gluten (over-processed, bleached flours) for good, tell HFM that they can eat our grains and flours without issue!

The team at Poppy works hard to use only the finest ingredients available, sourced as locally as possible. Poppy’s popcorn is non-GMO, all-natural, free of any artificial flavors/colors/dyes and handcrafted with love in small batches.

At Runamok Maple, we believe protecting the land is our first priority. Good maple syrup depends on healthy trees and so we endeavor to treat the land we work on gently, protecting the soil, and encouraging biodiversity with as little impact as possible. Because of our efforts, we are certified organic by the Northeastern Organic Farmers Association and Bird-Friendly by the National Audubon Society.