South 40 Snacks

South 40 Snacks

Josh Schroeter, Seattle, WA

I created South 40 Snacks because I’m passionate about our particular varietal of Israeli-grown, giant-sized sunflower seeds. I first had them as a kid living in Israel and became hopelessly addicted. But back in the US, for decades and decades, I just couldn’t find another sunflower seed that compared in size, quality, snap, ease of crack, and delicious nutty flavor.

In 2018, with a background in entrepreneurship in the snack food business, I decided to go for it and launched the company. It’s an amazing journey that’s just beginning, and I’m thrilled so many people are now becoming obsessed with the world’s best sunflower seeds.

At South 40 Snacks, we reject the status quo. Our seeds are a different eating experience and people are discovering just how much better a sunflower seed can be. Most important, is the South 40 robust, nutty flavor.

Then there’s the size thing. While we don’t like to brag about our size too much, we know it’s a big deal to some people. South 40 Snacks has the largest seeds. End of story. (FYI: sunflower seeds are an agricultural product and inconsistencies in size and appearance will occur. We encourage you to compare for yourself).