Prohibited Provisions

Prohibited Provisions

Joel Loncka, Denver, CO

At Prohibited Provisions we are on a mission to give food lovers a convenient way to cook more creatively because we believe some of the best and most inspiring moments in life take place around food!

We are advocates of food being a way to be creative and express yourself. We are convinced everyone knows what tastes good to them so anyone can create an amazing dish if they have the right ingredients. And we stand behind the belief that nothing great comes from playing it safe.

This is why we decided to stop settling for the standard and boring options on the shelves and started creating products that conveniently enable you to cook more boldly. We source the highest quality ingredients from around the world to the foothills of Denver, where we chop, mix, make, can and ship all our product.

Our fridges are continuously getting restocked and raided by our good friends during Sunday get-togethers, which is why each batch is made by hand with lots of love and mouthwatering smells

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