Martin’s Handmade

Martin's Handmade

Josiah Martin, Moira, NY


In the middle of the Great Depression, the Martin family began hand-crafting these extraordinary Pennsylvania Dutch Pretzels, which first appeared in New York’s Union Square Greenmarket in 1982. Since then, Martin’s Handmade Pretzels have won countless fans with their rich flavor and deep crunch.

There is no way to imagine the difference between machine and handmade pretzels without tasting.  Ed Levine, in New York Eats, writes that Martin’s Handmade Pretzels—a fixture in NYC’s Greenmarkets since 1982—are to machine-made pretzels what a BMW is to a Yugo.  Tasting a mere crumb tells the whole story: progress took the “S” out of the Slow Pretzel and left it with the last three letters: “L-O-W.” Low, compromised quality.  Proudly, our exact recipe—AND our commitment to slow, artisan food—has remain unchanged since the first Martin’s Pretzel came out of the drying oven over 80 years ago.  As we say around here: HANDMADE FOREVER!

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