Herb & Lou’s

Herb & Lou's

Reid Rosenthal, Philadelphia, PA

You never can tell what you’re going to find when you go poking around in an old safe. This time, we got really lucky.

It was in my grandfather Herb’s safe, in a dusty old basement, that I found a weathered notepad with a collection of cocktail recipes. Herb and his good friend Lou had invented these cocktails and served them to friends, family, and fellow adventurers whenever they got the chance. They traveled everywhere, both for the military and for pleasure, sampling the finest natural ingredients from around the world. Their cocktails were delicious and legendary.

Herb & Lou liked to enjoy a party and hated getting stuck mixing drinks all night, so they mixed up a batch beforehand (without the booze) and froze it in ice cube trays. During the party, all anyone needed to do was pour a splash of booze into a glass or shaker with a couple of the frozen cocktail cubes and voila…a Brilliantly Crafted Cocktail. It turned everyone into a Master Mixologist with just a shake or a stir.

Now, decades later, Herb & Lou’s grandsons are proud to bring you Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes. Our grandfathers intended each flavor to pair with a particular type of spirit, but we like to experiment with the pairings and encourage you to do the same. Herb & Lou’s Infused Cubes can be used with a single spirit for an easy, delicious cocktail or used as an ingredient in an invention of your own.  Go ahead and be creative…Herb & Lou would have wanted it that way.  Cheers (and thanks, Grandpa)!

Available in the these Kits:

Cooper Cocktail Cubes
Clyde Cocktail Cubes