Early Bird Foods & Co

Early Bird Foods & Co.

Nekisisa Davis, Brooklyn, NY

In 2008 Nekisia Davis was managing at franny’s—the late, great, and famous pizzeria in Brooklyn, NY—when she started baking, bagging, and selling her own granola at local markets like the Brooklyn Flea and Early Bird Foods & Co. was hatched. Tale as old as time. It didn’t take long for both Davis’ products and method to garner fans in high places. Martha Stewart was among the first. Then the New York Times‘ Melissa Clark. Then New York Magazine. Then all of everyone everywhere.

Baked-enough-to-taste-like-something granola that is made with olive oil and salt is now the norm on smart breakfast tables because of Early Bird. A decade in and Davis continues to operate a positive, inclusive business wherein compassion is prioritized over greed every day. When she’s not at her kitchen in the Red Hook neighborhood of Brooklyn, Nekisia will almost surely be found cooking dinner and pouring wine for friends or swimming at Jacob Riis Beach.

Early Bird dishes out wholesome old-fashioned goodness by baking our granola in tiny batches and using the three most integral ingredients at a cook’s disposal: olive oil, salt and love.  Each crunchy-salty-sweet mouthful is slow roasted until it sings in perfect snacking harmony. By the handful, spoonful, or bagful, Early Bird granola serves up a tasty and toothsome treat.