Backporch Coffee Roasters

Backporch Coffee Roasters

Dave Beach, Bend, OR

Backporch Coffee Roasters started on a skateboard, in an alley, in Eugene Oregon. It was there that skate contests were held while coffee roasted on Dave’s backporch. You could smell coffee roasting down the block.

Backporch Coffee Roasters is born and raised Bend. Owner and operator, Dave Beach has been buying and roasting coffee for 18 years. Dave is passionate about bringing the best out in coffees (and people) and making sure that those who grow the coffee, are compensated fairly for their work.

From seed to cup, coffee is a crop that requires many hands to make complete. Backporch is very committed to excellence in each step of that process. We have direct trade connections in Central America, South America and Africa that we work closely with to accomplish that.

Roasted on Bend’s westside in a beautiful Loring Falcon, we cut no corners to bring you what we feel is the very best. And we are proud of that.