Atomic Creamery

Atomic Creamery

Founded by veterans, Kari and Josh in Newport Beach, CA

Veteran Owned and Operated, Atomic Creamery is the best purveyor of Fresh Made To Order, organic ice cream, flash frozen with Liquid Nitrogen. We hand select ingredients that are very niche to our flavor profile. For us it is all about quality and community, a throw back to a simpler time, where things like ice cream brought people together.

We begin by being committed to serving the freshest, smoothest flavor packed scoops beginning  each and every time with Straus 4 ingredient organic dairy base or Oatly non-dairy base. We then flash freeze with our sourced ingredients. The best part is what we don’t put into our ice cream. There are NO stabilizers, carrageenan, gums, corn syrup, or any artificial flavors or colors. We use only the freshest ingredients to create premium ice cream that you won’t forget.

Our founders and veterans, Kari & Josh Established Atomic Creamery in 2017. From a small penciled sketch to a brick and mortar store front Josh and Kari are on a mission to make Atomic Creamery a household name from the ground up, creating, blending, pairing and churning one of a kind Nostalgic, simple and truly unique creamations one pint at a time.

We were founded on the idea that simple and real is best. We don’t have a gimmick, our ice cream has always been presented in its truest form, simple, real with flavor from real ingredients not syrups. A top quality product is what we are built on and thats why all of our ice cream is fresh made to order. The results are amazing, decadent and stand out ice cream! This is how we started and this is how we will continue.